Georgia Bulldogs Recruting: Isaiah Crowell Now Rolling The Tides’ Way

The one matter that, more than anything else, should concern a Georgia Bulldog fan who is watching a 1-4 team disintegrate before it’s very eyes is, how the perception of a sinking ship will effect future boarders.

It was a mere six-months ago that the Georgia Bulldogs were rolling strong with their “Dream Team” efforts. Guys were pledging their allegiance to Georgia with little hesitation, most were chomping at the bit to not only get to Athens as soon as possible, but to get as many guys to roll with them as they possibly could.

Well, that good fortune could be going south now that there is so much uncertainty about the team, the coaches, and the program. No one wants to be made a mockery of, least of all a highly-touted prospect with more than his fair share of suitors.

Seriously, if a national champion is knocking at your door, why would you sign with a team that is, right now, just hoping to become bowl eligible?

The recent mishaps in the Georgia running game are part of the problem at Georgia and that strikes a nerve with the tried and true fan who grew up watching Herschel Walker, Rodney Hampton, and Garrison Hearst break records wearing the ‘G’ on their helmet.

The obvious cure for an ailing running game would be to bring in a stud in the 2011 class. A player who is a game-changer and a sure-fire star at the position. That guy for Georgia is supposed to be Isaiah Crowell of Carver High School and, up until Saturday, the Georgia Bulldogs were in a dead heat with Alabama for his services, now, the Alabama Crimson Tide are his team to beat.

According to Chip Towers of the AJC, Crowell has become a bit disenchanted with the Georgia Bulldogs, and is liking the idea of going to Tuscaloosa and playing for Nick Saban.

Said Crowell, when asked about his change of heart, “Well, they’re (Georgia) losing a lot of games and have a lot of people getting arrested…there’s just a lot of things going wrong. I do want to play right away but I also want to be where it’s disciplined (emphasis added) and they win championships.”

Wow, he said a mouthful there, didn’t he? Imagine that, a prospect not wanting to go where it suddenly appears the inmates are running the asylum. Ten arrests in a season will get you a bad reputation for being a little too lenient with your guys.

Sure, Crowell is just one guy. It’s possible that the team can win out and get back on track again, but the voices of dissension grow louder every day and they can be tough to ignore—especially if you are a prospect looking for a place to call home for four-years of your life.  It’s easy to overlook a poor record, or a bad year, but it’s not easy to overlook a drastic coaching overhaul.

Look how many guys Georgia missed out on last season when Martinez and his staff were let go. These kids are building relationships with THIS coaching staff—that’s relevant. Firing Richt, Grantham, and every other clipboard holding fellow on the Georgia coaching staff could kill the 2011 class and handicap Georgia for years. 

That said, if you think things are awful now, you have no idea how bad it could really get if the fire sale that so many are calling for actually does happen. How does that “Dream Team” look minus all those great prospects?

Does it look good to you?

As of now, Crowell is waivering and there is word that Watts Dantzler is taking a look at Auburn (his No. 2 choice) again as well. Add to that list, Nathan Theus, a Dawg Night committment—who else will follow?
Mark Richt is in the dog house with many right now, and that’s fair. However, this is about more than 2010, it’s about the future of the Georgia Bulldogs football program from 2011 forward and, you have to start asking yourself this simple question: If Mark Richt is fired, like so many want, what kind of a future will the Georgia Bulldogs truly have?

Of course there are those who will argue that a losing season will bring the same result anyhow so why bother worrying about that factor one way or the other?

Well, to that end, only this question can be asked, how much of a chance are you willing to take on that actually being true? 

Think about it.

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