Georgia Bulldogs: Really, A Better Coaching Staff is What’s Needed?

Mark Richt accepts the Capital One Bowl trophy on New Years Day. Photo: Getty Images

I try real hard not to get into disputes with fans who don’t share my opinion on the direction of Georgia football. My philosophy is simple: we can agree to disagree without all that nasty name-calling. Besides, this is a modest little sports blog, written by a woman who has done nothing more than profess her love for the Georgia Bulldogs (ad nauseum).

I’ve never coached, managed, or played the game; I am merely a spectator with a somewhat keen eye and useless knowledge for what happens on that beautiful rectangular playing field.

Nothing more. nothing less.

That said, I do like to see others go out on a long limb and share their thoughts (if for no other reason than it’s somewhat slow during the off-season and I don’t wish to write about the dating habits of university co-eds for a second straight day).

Scott Bradshaw is also just a blogger (at least that’s what can be assumed from his bio) and he decided to put out a few predictions on all things Georgia yesterday (from politics to sports, he had a prognostication); the post was entertaining enough, but then came this little nelly.

• My beloved and talented Georgia Bulldogs will finish in the top ten again but will not win a national championship until a better coaching staff is assembled in Athens [emphasis added]. I predict a 10-2 record in the regular season. The rival Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket defense will improve significantly with Ted Roof as defensive coordinator. The team will finish strong with an 8-4 record.

While I do realize there are a number of folks in the great Bulldog Nation who feel the current staff has gone as far as it can go and new blood is needed if Georgia is ever to be in the conversation with Alabama (the same Alabama, mind you, they took down to the wire in the SECCG), I can’t say I’m willing to question the diligence or talent of any staff that has made back-to-back appearances in the SEC Championship Game, come within an eyelash of a National Championship berth, will place no fewer than three first rounders in this years NFL Draft, and has posted a 22-6 record over the last two seasons.

Then again, I’ve been known to wear my red & black colored glasses for far too long and can’t be trusted to be objective on such matters.


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I am not a 'journalist' by trade, nor do I present myself as such. I am a wife, mother, and passionate Georgia Bulldog fan. That's it. I write. You read.

2 comments for “Georgia Bulldogs: Really, A Better Coaching Staff is What’s Needed?

  1. Claw
    01/16/2013 at 4:15 PM

    I actually agree with Scott, I love Richt, but I don’t love his staff . Grantham’s defenses have only performed well against sub par offenses (look it up, he gives up around 4 TD’s per game to ranked opponents the last two seasons) and Bobo, well Georgia could do worse, but they could certainly do a lot better. If you look at the last two seasons name me one win that you are impressed with. The Florida game this year? That’s about it.

  2. Hill Dawg
    01/16/2013 at 12:26 PM

    Fred, can you give us your experience in football in high school, college, pro, player or coach. Also, how many hours do you currently spend each week watching film and evaluating players,25, 30, 40? … 120 schools want to win a national champion each year. 119 don’t do it each year. Where are the coaches that you would hire to to replace the current head coach that has won more games in 12 years than any UGA football coach in 12 years during the 119 year history of Georgia football? …and if you answer is Saban, I hope The Lady bans you forever!

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