Georgia Bulldogs: Quintavius Harrow Isn’t a Sleeper Anymore

With all the recent chatter about Georgia’s issues at cornerback—due to suspensions and attrition—people seem to be forgetting that the Bulldogs do have players on the roster who can step-up and step-in if needed; and one of those guys is Quintavius Harrow.

Harrow, in case you either don’t know or have forgotten, is the player who many felt was brought in to seal the deal with running back Isaiah Crowell for the 2011 ‘Dream Team’. Harrow is good friends with Crowell and has been since Kindergarten. But, he’s not the throw-in many felt he was and, so far, he’s proven to be a nice addition to the special teams unit, racking up many a big tackle last season— none more impressive than this one:

Hard-hitting performances like that one have placed Harrow in the conversation to increase his presence on the field this season—at cornerback. And while it’s not safe to say he’s a front-runner for time, it’s clear that he has plenty of potential.

What has always stood out about Harrow, particularly when he played at Carver-Columbus, was how much he stayed around the ball. It didn’t seem to matter where he was within the development of the play, he consistently found his way to the ball and made tackles/forced fumbles. His execution and effort were things that made you take note of him as a football player and he brought those intangibles with him to Georgia.

Here, just for the sake of argument, is some video of Harrow in action at Carver-Columbus. I personally enjoyed his rundown of the receiver at about the 1:13 mark.

Take a look.

Again, no one can say that Harrow will get significant reps at corner this year, but it’s a safe bet that he’s going to get enough looks in the spring to see just how valuable he can be and, based on what we’ve seen from him so far, I wouldn’t count him out.

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