Georgia Bulldogs: President Adams, ‘Forget Football, It’s All About Me’

President Michael Adams tenure has been a divisive one to say the very least. Photo: ESPN

I like to be up front and honest on my site so I’ll go ahead and say that I’m not now, nor have I ever been, a Michael Adams fan. While I wholly respect the progress he’s made in building the academic reputation of my alma mater, I hate that he’s done it on the back of the athletic department (i.e. Georgia Football) whilst simultaneously crapping all over the role they’ve played in advancing his efforts.

So, when I heard he was on his way out at the end of the fiscal year, I can’t exactly say I was shedding tears of sadness at the thought. He’s had a good run, made lots of fans mad along the way, and now he can go do…whatever it is he plans to do.

However, until said time comes, he isn’t done flapping his gums. Nope, he’s still throwing words into the wind and seeing who’s listening; aren’t you just dying to hear what he has to say?

…“(The university’s athletic interests) are increasingly dominated nationally by media and entertainment organizations and their values. We have worked hard to improve the balance, but it is a constant battle,” said Adams, who steps down as UGA president June 30.

The academic establishment has to control the athletic establishment, not the other way around [emphasis added]. Last year’s troubling news out of Penn State made that quite clear.”

While he was on athletics, Adams also argued against making Sanford Stadium into a bowl in any future expansions. “I believe the west end should remain open. The visible interconnection with and view of the central campus is more than just a pretty scene. It is a powerful statement about the appropriate place of athletics at a great public university,” [emphasis added] he told a crowd of students, UGA workers and townspeople gathered in the UGA Chapel.

“I will come back and haunt the president and athletic director who close the west end of the stadium.”

Again, I will give Adams his due for what he did to advance academia, but as a west coast guy, he clearly didn’t appreciate the role football plays at the University of Georgia—particularly as an SEC school. As a result, he often ended up disrespecting the very fan base that made much of his success possible; I cannot tell you the sheer number of alumni I’ve had the pleasure of knowing who stopped contributing after one of Adams’ questionable moves (the force-out of Vince Dooley, the force-in of Jim Harrick, the circumvention of a large chunk of athletic department funds in order to serve his own purpose, and don’t even get me started on the tailgating changes).

I wish him well but, as my grandmother used to say (and pardon my french), ‘don’t let the door hit yo’ ass on the way out’.

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3 comments for “Georgia Bulldogs: President Adams, ‘Forget Football, It’s All About Me’

  1. Longtime Dawg'fan
    01/25/2013 at 11:20 AM

    Now that’s writing I can understand love ! Love the piece.
    As a “born & raised” Ga. boy” I appreciate the straight-
    fowardness of your comments. Let’s hope the next Pres.
    has both an understanding and committment to a staunch
    athletic program. And as a closing note, I am still pissed
    about the S. Carolina game ! Be well and keep those cards and letters coming……. Respectfully,

  2. Will
    01/25/2013 at 10:49 AM

    I have never been a Dr. Adams fan but, I don’t understand why you have a problem with what he said here. I get that you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds but, I think that the academics should take precedent over athletics. You can’t let the football program be the end all be all within the university. You go to college to get an education first, then to play football or whatever else you want to do. I’m not saying we should take on Dr. Adams’ vision for athletics at UGA because he would probably do away with all of them but, the notion that you come to college to learn then play should be known by every student and student athlete. And he is absolutely right about the west end remaining open, even though I know you put emphasis on it because of his statement that it shows the appropriate place of athletics. I take it as him saying that athletics is part of the whole but not the whole or most important part of the university. It didn’t seem like he was saying that the athletics is the red-headed step child of UGA if that’s what you’re getting at. But if you’re saying these statements were said by Adams to try and belittle UGA football, I wouldn’t doubt it based on his past. But in reading them, it just didn’t come off that way to me.

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