Georgia Bulldogs: Potential Defensive Line Coaching Candidates

Todd Grantham is responsible for finding a suitable replacement for the now Auburn-bound Rodney Garner. Photo: ESPN

Okay, let me be clear when I say this is a list that I came up with based on resume and plausibility alone. None of the guys I will name, to my knowledge, have been contacted or spoken of by the University of Georgia.  In fact, the only thing that I know for certain is that Todd Grantham intends to hand pick the candidate himself in much the same way that he chose his linebackers and secondary coach.

That said, there’s no harm in speculating, right?

Oh, and just for the sake of having more names to consider, Gentry Estes of 247Sports has a few names of his own worth mentioning (Travis Jones and Phillip Daniels among them)—and he is actually a credentialed journalist.

Take this list with a grain of salt, alright?

Bryan Cox, Defensive Front Seven Coach (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

Cox has spent the last five years in the NFL ranks as a defensive line coach/pass-rush specialist. He’s known for being a fiery guy with a lot of passion for the game and has steadily gained a reputation as a coach on the rise. A recent hiccup in the media has some wondering if that “fiery” temper doesn’t need some tweaking, but that also has him in the line of fire for a potential pink slip at the end of the year. That said, there can be little denying Cox has the ability to cultivate a run-stopping defense as, everywhere he has been thus far, his units have shown success. He has zero experience in recruiting, however, so he is a long shot at best.

Deke Adams, Defensive Line Coach, North Carolina

Deke Adams wouldn’t be a sexy hire, but his defensive lines have performed well in his stints at both North Carolina and Southern Miss—both under Larru Fedora’s watch—and his abilities as a recruiter cannot be denied.

Bo Davis, Defensive Tackles Coach, Texas

The former Alabama Defensive Line Coach who left the Crimson Tide in 2011 to join Mack Brown’s staff in Austin, could be ready to make a jump back to the SEC. His $325,000 salary wouldn’t be hard to beat and his ties to Nick Saban—having coached with him at Alabama (defensive line), LSU (asst. strength and conditioning), and Miami (asst. strength and conditioning)—might make him an attractive possibility for Todd Grantham. Not to mention the fact, Texas isn’t looking like the powerhouse it once was and any coach looking to get out while he can, might just do so.

Clint Hurtt, Defensive Line Coach, Recruiting Coordinator, Louisville

Considering how fervently Cardinals head coach Charlie Strong stood by Hurtt during the NCAA Investigation that called into question a few of his recruiting practices while employed at Miami, I don’t know that Hurtt would be willing to cut ties with his boss. And, for that matter, I don’t know that Georgia would want a guy with a stigma as bold and colorful as Hurtt’s attached to this very critical hire. That said, Hurtt is a hell of a recruiter and his run defenses have ranked in the upper half of the nation over the last couple of seasons.

Clyde Simmons, New York Jets

Simmons has zero coaching experience, but he is getting some via the NFL’s Minority Coaching Fellowship Program via the New York Jets and Rex Ryan. There’s a really good read on Simmons here, but the book on him is simple: he is from South Carolina, has experience playing on the defensive line (he accumulated 121.5 sacks in his career) and is looking for a coaching opportunity—somewhere.

I don’t think Georgia would take a chance on him, but his name is worth considering for his experience and potential alone.




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  1. Aaron
    12/22/2012 at 10:49 AM

    Love your blog Kimberly. I had the pleasure of working with Clyde Simmons last year. Great guy. Is there anything to him being a serious candidate? Do you know him? The man is beast and could really get after the QB in his day. He was apart of probably the best defensive line in NFL history. I’d like to see him get back into coaching.

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