Georgia Bulldogs: O Brother, Where Art Thou Tight Ends?

Neither Arthur Lynch (#88) nor Jay Rome (#87) have seen their reps increase much—even with numerous injuries decimating the receiving corps. Photo: 247 Sports

I’m not going to recap any part of the game this past Saturday because, if you saw it, you know what happened. However, you don’t need to watch every second, of every Georgia Bulldog football game, to be asking this one question: where are the tight ends?

Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray has made it clear—albeit in a somewhat thinly veiled fashion—that he’s not altogether trusting of his replacement targets; so, why not make Jay Rome and Arthur Lynch a bigger part of the game plan? What do you have to lose at this point by doing so?

Even if you have to dink and dunk for the better part of three quarters, that has to be better than seeing a mediocre secondary (like Vanderbilt’s, sorry but you won’t be able to convince me that the better team won here) basically dare your quarterback to throw it over their heads because they have no faith he’ll find success—seriously?

If this was a few seasons ago—when the offensive line was shaky and the quarterback play was still young and learning—I might be able to write the lack of tight end usage off to their being a necessary blocking element. However, with the offensive line “technically” being solid enough—I say that in quotes because there’s been tons of evidence to the contrary over the last few weeks—to handle the pass blocking all by their lonesome, the tight ends are essentially free to do things like…I don’t know…CATCH A DAMN PASS!


An offensive coordinator I am not, but it’s not rocket science: your quarterback is begging for someone to make a play on the other end of whatever pass he’s throwing, and the guys you have out there right now aren’t getting it done—not for lack of trying, but still, not getting it done. So, why not target Lynch and Rome more?





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  1. Jeff
    10/21/2013 at 9:28 AM

    I can only see what the TV provides but if I am the opposing teams DC the only weapons UGA has available are the TE’s. That would be the first thing I would take away, just a thought.

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