Georgia Bulldogs: Lorenzo Carter, “There’s no chance to slack off…”

Lorenzo Carter is one of many defensive freshmen to keep an eye on this season. Photo: Logan Booker/BulldawgIllustrated

When asked what the biggest adjustment has been for him thus far, true freshman Lorenzo Carter said, “Going hard every play. There’s no chance to slack off—they record everything you do—the eye in the sky don’t lie and you gotta realize that”.

See the interview and then read a few more of my thoughts below.

(h/t Gentry Estes/Dawgs247)

If you’re following the daily practice reports (yesterday’s swim session notwithstanding), then you already know Carter is a guy to keep an eye on this season. Honestly, coming out of high school as a highly-touted talent, you’d expect no less than greatness from the kid (even if you’re tempering your expectations, it’s hard not to feel a little excited about the possibilities he brings); but what struck me about him during that interview—and it’s struck me with a lot of the other freshmen interviewed as well—is his humility and maturity.

There was an awful lot of bravado strutting around on the practice fields last summer—and a good many overblown egos as well—but you get the feeling that Coach Pruitt has made it very clear that he’s not going to allow that type of attitude to permeate his unit this year; he knows what he wants from his guys, and he’s not willing to waiver on it one bit.

Clearly, it’s message that has sunk in, across the board, as not one guy, to this point, has said he feels any level of security with his place on the depth chart—assuming he even has one—not even that highly-touted 5-star from Norcross, Ga.



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