Georgia Bulldogs: Justin Scott-Wesley Going Through a “Minor Setback”

Justin-Scott Wesley will be an important part of Georgia’s offense in 2015…if he can remain healthy. Photo: Getty Images

There are some who would disagree with me if I say ‘Georgia needs to be careful with its wide receiving corps”; those same people would argue that any program that has both Justin-Scott Wesley and Malcolm Mitchell on its roster is hardly hurting—add in a slew of talented youth from the 2015 signing class and you’re hardly quaking in your boots about depth.

That said, my opinion is the same, while Georgia has plenty of talent at receiver, its two main cogs heading into 2015 have struggled to stay on the football field over the years and the newcomers (while extremely promising and sure to contribute) will need to come in ready to make plays for an, as of now, undecided quarterback; that’s a tall order if you ask me.

Last week, it was learned that Scott-Wesley would have to have surgery to repair a torn right meniscus on the same knee he suffered a Torn ACL two years ago, but after tons of feedback and conversation about what that could mean, Scott-Wesley tweeted out some words of encouragement to the Bulldog Nation and set a lot of their burgeoning fears at ease.

Here’s what I understand about torn right meniscus surgery, there are levels to it; some are more time consuming than others. However, if it’s a minor tear, then recovery time is typically 2 to 3 weeks (under ideal circumstances) so Scott-Wesley should be just fine—so long as nothing else goes wrong.

However, this isn’t about whether he’s going to recover quickly or not, but rather how fragile the Bulldogs truly are at a key position. No, the sky isn’t falling and they’re not snake-bitten, but with the quarterback spot being unsettled and the need for playmakers being high, the Bulldogs needs to have some semblance of confidence that their key guys are on track to do big things for them this season and Scott-Wesley is definitely one of those guys. Even more than that, if either Faton Bauta or Brice Ramsey win the job outright, they need to feel confident in the guy they’ll be throwing to on the field—and there can be no question about what Mitchell and Scott-Wesley offer in the way of easing concerns.

I’m not ready to ring the alarm, per se, but it has to be said that while Georgia is a team filled to the brim with offensive talent, this season what they will need even more is experience.



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