Georgia Bulldogs: John Jenkins Injury Update

According to an update by the Atlanta-Journal Constitution, John Jenkins suffered an AC joint injury in the game against Michigan State on Monday afternoon.

The length of time Jenkins will be out will be determined by the grade of his particular injury.

For a grade 1 or 2, a player should be relatively pain-free and could return to workouts within two to eight weeks, but he will still require rehabilitation to avoid re-injury or further long-term damage to the joint.

For a grade 3 or worse, or what is deemed a complete separation of the shoulder, referral to an orthopedic surgeon to discuss treatment/rehab options would be recommended and, in some cases, it can take anywhere from two weeks to six months for a player to regain full mobility—some never again are able to do what they did without some level of pain being experienced.

Sam Bradford, former Oklahoma Sooner quarterback, suffered a similar injury in his senior season and it kept him out for the better part of the year after he attempted to come back too soon and re-injured the same shoulder early in a game.

Hopefully Jenkins’ prognosis is a good one as Georgia’s depth would take a big hit if they were to lose him for any substantial period of time.

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