Georgia Bulldogs: Is Washaun Ealey’s Release Really A Surprise?

Photo Credit: Brant Sanderlin/AJC

It has been announced that Georgia Bulldog running back, Washaun Ealey, has been granted an unconditional release by the team—he will finish his career elsewhere.

Now, raise your hand if this news surprises you.

Okay, raise your hand if you truly saw Washaun Ealey playing any significant downs for the University of Georgia football team in 2011.

I’m willing to lay a bet down that not many of you raised your hand because, to be quite honest, the surprise would have been if Washaun Ealey made it through the summer based on some of Mark Richt’s comments last month at a Bulldog Club gathering in Augusta, GA.

Said Richt, at that time, “Washaun has a ways to go still to show me that he deserves to start or even play right now…”

Does that sound like a guy who’s in a hurry to bring back a kid who has been, for the last 12-16-months, displaying less and less interest in wearing a Bulldog uniform? Let’s face it, Ealey wore out his welcome a long time ago and, I’ll go on record and admit, I’m not so sure how much a pulled hamstring had to do with his lack of carries this past spring.

It has long been rumored, although not confirmed, that Ealey wasn’t happy with the new attitude being promoted and enacted at Georgia (mostly from the strength and conditioning aspect) and he wasn’t buying into the program that new strength coach, Joe Tereshinksi was selling. It was for that very reason he was given an indefinite suspension this past February.

If we assume the latter is all true, then Ealey’s release was not only a matter of time, but a necessary evil as there is no place for that level of dissension on a team that is already heading into a tenuous 2011 football season.

That said, there will be even more pressure for new recruit, Isaiah Crowell, to be all he can be—now—as the depth chart at tailback just got real thin, real fast.

Hopefully Mr. Ealey can find what he’s looking for at another institution. He’s clearly got a lot of talent, but he’ll need to mature a bit before he can reach his max potential.

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