Georgia Bulldogs: Is Arthur Lynch Ready to Make a Bigger Impression?

Arthur Lynch has the size and skills NFL GM’s covet, and a big senior year could catapult him into serious consideration for an early draft pick. Photo: 247 Sports

Arthur Lynch arrived at Georgia as a “blocking tight end”, but with his senior year of football now upon him (Lynch graduated with a degree in History this May), and one more season with Aaron Murray to take advantage of, you have to wonder if the New England product isn’t starting to think about his future a little bit. Or, more specifically, is he thinking he might have a shot at the NFL in 2014?

Lynch, while not a statistically impressive tight end to this point (at least from an offensive standpoint), is certainly a player who could find himself garnering some solid interest from the League if he is able to get more involved on offense this season.

Towards the second-half of 2012, as the wide receiver position became more of a question mark, you saw the tight ends (including Jay Rome) receive more opportunities to make plays and, by season’s end, Lynch quietly racked up better than 400-yards receiving to go along with his three touchdowns; those numbers placed him No. 3 in the conference, at his position, in 2012—behind Mychal Rivera (Tennessee) and Jordan Reed of (Florida)—for receiving yards, touchdowns, and receptions.

That said, the Georgia offense is under-the-microscope this season to make some big things happen and you can bet Murray will be looking to spread the love to get as many of his guys involved as possible. Some don’t feel Lynch is the most consistent receiver of the tight end bunch (which includes Jordan Davis, Ty Smith, and Jay Rome), you can bet Lynch has plenty of confidence in what he can do from an offensive standpoint—the Dartmouth product has never shied away from making a statement—and is his good friend Murray can see fit to throw a few passes his way, I’m sure he’ll be ready to take full advantage.



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5 comments for “Georgia Bulldogs: Is Arthur Lynch Ready to Make a Bigger Impression?

  1. masslive
    05/23/2013 at 7:45 PM

    Nash did you not watch any games last year??? Lynch is a much better blocker than Rome…much better. Lynch was not involved in the passing game until a few games in to last year. As the article stated, he was an big part in the passing due to injuries. I expect him and the coaches to have great confidence going into the year which he will get him a lot more looks his way.

    • 05/23/2013 at 8:21 PM

      Did I say Lynch was not as good a blocker? Surely I didn’t say that; Lynch was brought in primarily because of his blocking ability, so his skills there cannot be questioned.

      However, what I did say was his ability in the passing game has gotten better and if he is able to see more production from that angle, he should garner early round consideration from the NFL.

  2. Hugh Nash
    05/22/2013 at 4:49 AM

    I’ll take your word that he’s a good blocker, but how much better than Rome? Lynch runs well and get’s open. Hands concern me. If he can help keep Jadevion Clowney off of AM, that will be enough. Rome could be the best UGA tight end ever before he graduates.

    • 05/22/2013 at 8:21 AM

      I don’t know that you can compare the skill-sets of Rome and Lynch as Rome is most certainly a better pass-catcher and route-runner than Lynch. That said, Rome has had some issues with focus and work ethic since arriving and that has somewhat slowed his progression at Georgia; he will certainly be a key contributor down the road, but this season I feel Lynch–with his blocking ability and burgeoning confidence in the receiving game–be a bigger factor.

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