Georgia Bulldogs: I’m Still Recovering…


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Expletives. Lots and lots of expletives.That’s what comes to mind whenever I think of how the Bulldogs played on Saturday night.

Truth, full disclosure, keeping it “real”: that one hurt…a lot! Honestly, after I switched that game off, I didn’t watch one highlight, read one article, listen to one call-in show, reciprocate one text message, or send one tweet. I was as done as my beloved Bulldogs were just a few minutes into the first quarter.

And, I’ll say it now, I don’t intend to write one article about that game—I don’t want to because it’s too painful—but, just in case you were one of the lucky ones and didn’t see it, I’ll give you the gist: the Dawg’s bit the big one—again. They didn’t play like a team that wanted to be in Miami…hell, they didn’t play like a team that needed to be in Athens. They played like confused, undisciplined, scared little boys.

In short, they played precisely like a team that hasn’t a clue how to walk the talk and, in the process, they embarrassed the hell out of themselves on national television.

You want to give credit to South Carolina and Steve Spurrier for having his boys ready to play? Go ahead. I’ll chip in a few hat tips of my own just to be respectful (after all, I am a southern girl and I do believe in being somewhat hospitable); not that Spurrier’s bunch needs anymore sunshine blown up their backside between their fans, the media, and the college football world at large. Those Gamecocks will get all the love they can handle and then some, so they won’t need much hat tipping from me.

But, by these Georgia Bulldogs, I am left speechless.

Sure, I will continue to write articles and try my best to bring the same level of balance and optimism I always have when discussing the program I love, but I’m still angry, I’m still numb, and I’m still disgusted by all that I saw on Saturday—and I don’t expect the pang of that to leave anytime soon (on a brighter note, it did erase the 2009 loss to Tennessee completely from my mind so, there’s some silver lining).

Now, I’m not about to add to the chorus of ‘Fire So and So’ because that’s not my style, but you won’t have to look far for such sentiment and you can bet that no matter what happens the rest of the way for this team, there are plenty of fans who once believed anything was possible with the current leadership at the helm who are now wondering if maybe they were wrong.

If maybe they weren’t looking close enough at the whole picture.

A good friend of mine, who shall remain nameless, made a great observation on Saturday night. She said she couldn’t understand why her fellow Bulldog fans don’t see the common thread over the last six seasons: You can place a lot on the players, the arrests, the injuries, the strength & conditioning, etc., etc., but the common denominator has always been the coaching—in particular the head coach.

I have always supported Mark Richt as this team’s football coach because he is this team’s football coach. My logic was simple: if you support Georgia football, then you must support Mark Richt. However, what my dear friend was getting at—something I myself am finally beginning to realize—is it’s not about the man, it’s about the program.

You can love Mark Richt the man and also believe he’s done all he can do at Georgia because there is indeed a difference.

And, after this past weekend, I’m sure I’m not the only one whose noticed that distinction.



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