Georgia Bulldogs: If Mark Richt Were Fired Today, Then What?

Color me perplexed, but I don’t understand the calls for Mark Richt’s head on a platter. I’m fully aware of the frustration, and I totally get the disappointment many fans are feeling based on the outcome of the first two games (the first time in better than a decade Georgia has started 0-2).

Even so, please explain why it’s a good idea to fire Mark Richt now as opposed to waiting for the season to end, seeing where the team is at that time, and then making the decision about the embattled coach’s future one way or the other?

Here’s my main argument against those who are calling for his demise—yesterday if they could have it their way—if you let him go now, who would replace him? The standard way of doing things would dictate a member of his current staff taking over in the interim and, I don’t know about you, but I don’t see the value in any of those guys stepping into Richt’s role: Mike Bobo’s barely got a grasp on doing the job he’s paid to do, Todd Grantham has his hands full fielding a (healthy)defense, and Rodney Garner likely isn’t the answer either.

Sooooo….again I ask, who’s going to do it? Any outside hire would be a bench warmer at best and I can’t think of any credible individual willing to step into a lame duck situation.

Of course there are those who are screaming about the availability of guys like Mike Leach, Jim Tressel (yes, I’m dead serious), and Urban Meyer (again…really?), but be honest with yourself, what coach worth his salt is going to want to come into a head coaching situation at mid-season when he isn’t sure what he’s coming into exactly? Who wants that kind of drama from day one?

For all the outrage and irrationality that is being spewed about at this moment over the ability (or lack thereof) of Mark Richt, there truly isn’t a solution worth talking about until after the season is over. As one of my commenters so astutely pointed out a couple days back, the time for evaluation isn’t two games into a young season—after Georgia has played two of the toughest teams in the country—but rather after the SEC has been decided, the bowl games played, and the progress of this team from 2010 to 2011 can truly be looked at, dissected, discussed, and determined.

That said, bringing this topic into focus now only serves two purposes, 1) to lower team morale, and 2) give those coaches on the same recruiting trail as the current ones more ammunition. If you say that recruiting doesn’t matter as this staff may or not be here next season anyhow, I say you’re wrong. Imagine a situation where Richt is actually allowed to return (which is a possibility if he finishes well), then what good will all the negative coach-speak have done?

I understand passion and I’m not about to sit here and say that it hasn’t crossed my mind, in a moment of frustration and anger, that Richt may no longer be the man for the job, but I really don’t see the point in starting the fire until you have enough material to burn.

Like it or not, Richt has the rest of this season to do something of value at Georgia, so you may as well see what he can do and save the calls for his head until it actually makes sense.

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