Georgia Bulldogs: Hutson Mason, “…nobody promised me anything”

Hutson Mason was hoping 2013 would finally be his year. Photo: Getty Images

The first word on Hutson Mason’s reaction to Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray’s decision to return for his senior season has come from Hutson Mason himself; while he admits to being “frustrated”, he states he isn’t considering a transfer —at least not yet.

…“Coach Richt is a straight up honest guy. He can’t make Aaron’s decision for him. Nobody promised me anything.”

“I’ve enjoyed my time learning and (playing) behind Aaron. He’s a classy guy and I only wish him the best in whatever he does.

This scenario is actually a main reason why Mason redshirted last season, to make sure that he guaranteed himself at least one year of eligibility post Murray. In his three years with the Bulldogs, the 6-foot-3, 200 pound Mason has seen limited action, playing in eight games, completing 27 of 47 passes for 356 yards and three touchdowns. His last action was a fourth-quarter drive against LSU in the 2011 SEC championship game

Mason, the Georgia High School single-season passing record holder with 4,560 yards and 54 touchdowns, said at this time, his plan is to stay at Georgia and return as Murray’s backup for a third season, but he has yet to sit down with Richt and the offensive coaches to see what his role will be next season. 

“I would like to see my (college) career end at UGA,” Mason said. (John Bednarowski, Marietta Journal)

What exactly will Mason’s role be in 2013? Richt has stated the rising redshirt junior deserves more snaps and alluded to a situation where that could happen next season—if Murray did in fact return—but how much can Richt truly guarantee in that regard? After all, the offense is  (OC) Mike Bobo’s show, and you can bet he’s not going to want the ball in anyone else’s hands next season—especially if it means risking on-field chemistry or a disruption in the flow of the game’s offense—aside from the capable Murray.

That said, what will Mason have to look forward to next season?

Yesterday, I speculated that any decision to transfer was that much riskier because of Mason’s class rank—while he’ll almost certainly sit behind Murray and pray for meaningful snaps—going to another Division-I program is out of the picture due to his dwindling eligibility; and it’s not clear that he’s willing/wants to take his chances on learning a new system at a I-AA school where, again, nothing can truly be guaranteed.

Even so, when a player with Mason’s confidence sees his opportunities dwindling, he may decide the best course of action is to cut ties and take his chances.

At this point, what he’ll do is anyones guess, but it’ll be a story worth monitoring as we head into the off-season and spring practices.

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