Georgia Bulldogs Football: Getting Back To Fourth-Quarter Dominance in 2011

There was a time when the Georgia Bulldogs knew how to ‘Hunker Down’ in the fourth-quarter. They knew how to G.A.T.A and make the other team play their game.

There was very little of that in 2010, and Georgia has got to get back to doing that if they expect to impose their will on the SEC in 2011.

The new strength regime at has expressed an understanding of this fact, and that bodes well for the future, but the end-result will come on the football field—we’re left with questions until then.

That said, this post is less about continuing the conversation about the direction of the defense or the strength program,  than it is about recalling a time when that conversation wasn’t necessary.

Below is another phenomenal video—courtesy of Patrick Garbin—(circa 1976) that shows the ‘Junkyard Dawgs’ (JYD) in action against the hated Florida Gators—back when Georgia owned the orange and blue—the game was a close affair through the first-half, but the JYD’s showed up and shut Florida down in the second-half—yielding no points.

Their fourth-quarter dominance during that season—particularly in this game—was impressive and, given the lack of such dominance this past season, made this video all the more compelling to watch.


(h/t apgarbin)

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