Georgia Bulldogs: Dear Todd, Talk, Tweet, Do Something!

Todd Grantham is in play to bring his 3-4 back to the NFL as the Eagles DC; will he go? Photo: ESPN

Unless you’re sleeping in a hammock on Mars, you’ve heard that Georgia Defensive Coordinator Todd Grantham has been targeted by new Philadelphia Eagles coach Chip Kelly to take over the same position for his staff. Grantham is apparently Kelly’s first choice because he wants the Eagles to move away from the 4-3 to a 3-4; Dan Quinn, current defensive coordinator for the Florida Gators, has also been linked to the position, but only due to his association with Gus Bradshaw (the coach rumored to be in line for the Eagles job prior to Kelly’s change of heart).

That said, every news outlet from Philadelphia to Athens has run with the story and made it big news. You can’t rummage through Twitter, peruse a message board, or browse a Facebook feed without seeing in bold letters, TODD GRANTHAM LINKED TO EAGLES DC JOB (or something to that effect).

It’s annoying as heck and has sent half the Georgia fan base into panic mode; a great mode to be in with less than three weeks until signing day and a HUGE defensive class waiting to be signed.

Personally, I don’t take issue with other organizations wanting to poach a coach from the Georgia ranks (talented staffs get looks from other places, it happens), but I do wonder why Grantham hasn’t made it clear that he either is or isn’t thinking about taking the job; it’s the silence that keeps this story afloat right now. And make no mistake, there are just as many outlets willing to surmise he’s leaving as there are pronouncing he’s staying.

At this point, even prospects are chiming in on it…

…which certainly doesn’t help matters.

My advice is to wait for a statement from the man himself or the sports information office at Georgia. As of now, Grantham is supposed to be out recruiting for Georgia (he is scheduled to visit Davin Bellamy this afternoon) and that’s all I can say for sure…he’s supposed to be recruiting.

Chip Kelly will be formally introduced by the Eagles at a 1:30 press conference scheduled for today; hopefully we’ll know Grantham’s fate by that time, too.

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