Georgia Bulldogs: Christian LeMay Isn’t Looking to Transfer, He’s Planning to Improve

OC/QB Coach Mike Bobo works with LeMay during a practice session.

Christian LeMay arrived at Georgia a highly-touted, championship winning, statistically impressive quarterback hailing out of  North Carolina’s Butler High School. However, since that arrival, he’s not only fallen behind a walk-on, Parker Welch, but seems to be in jeopardy of being ost on the depth chart altogether.

That change in stature is due in large part to LeMay’s inconsistent performances this season. He doesn’t yet have a good feel for the offense, looks painfully uncomfortable running plays, and his overall approach to the position hasn’t shown those who once envisioned him as the future at quarterback for Georgia, that he’ll be ready anytime soon.

That said, with Aaron Murray potentially staying one more season, Hutson Mason pegged as his heir apparent (assuming he’s still willing to wait around), and Brice Ramsey lurking as the “next” big thing—and not to mention Faton Bauta coming on strong–some may be wondering if LeMay isn’t thinking he would benefit from a change of schools. After all, even with his current learning curve, he could possibly be a starter elsewhere. And, lest we forget, it was him who, during his recruitment,made it clear that  he didn’t plan to wait around too long for a shot at being the starter.

Q: You addressed your reasoning in “choosing a leader” rather than “making a commitment.” But is having an appointed leader mean your decision is any less secure than being committed?

A. “The term leader equals pretty much commitment. I’m committed to Georgia and I’m recruiting Georgia kids to come with me and play. So the only reason I didn’t say commitment is in case something crazy happens like there’s a Heisman Trophy winner at Georgia. Then I might not want to be there and sit for three years behind [Aaron] Murray. If that happens or if [offensive coordinator and quarterbacks] Coach [Mike] Bobo or Coach Richt were to leave. There are just a whole lot of things that would have to happen for me to not fulfill my leader/verbal commitment.” (Chip Towers, AJC, 2010)

Of course LeMay couldn’t have imagined the difference between college and high school ball at that time—particularly when a suspension prior to the start of his senior season would eventually remove him from competitive play for the year.Perhaps that’s part of the reason LeMay’s tune is a bit different nowadays.

The former high school standout has made it known that he knows he’s not ready to be a starter just yet,  and he seems fully aware that the opportunities he’s been given so far are based on how well he has—or in a lot of  cases, has not—performed thus far.

“I still have a lot of ways to go,” LeMay said. “(I want) to be better at everything, really, consistency, accuracy, touch, confidence, pocket presence. I definitely have to get bigger and stronger and faster. I just need to work on everything, and that’s what I’m going to go into next season working on.” (Gentry Estes, Dawgs247)




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