Georgia Bulldogs: Auburn Goes Quietly Into That Good Night

I don’t need to throw out too many stats here because stats mean about as much to me right now as Will Muschamp’s head coaching record (plus, you can find plenty of tales of the Dawgs’ utter dominance in other places), but I will say that watching the Georgia defense manhandle the Auburn Tigers today was a thing of absolute beauty!

Today’s game, by far, was the most complete game I’ve seen from this team all season—New Mexico State notwithstanding—and even though the Georgia offense put their game plan on cruise after halftime (choosing to make fools of the Auburn front seven), it’s quite obvious to me that this is a team who has bought the dream hook, line and sinker.

Now, there are still games left to play and I intend to take nothing for granted where college football is concerned—just ask Boise State how that works out for you—but barring a complete lack of attention on the field next week, the Bulldogs should breeze by Kentucky and be in good position to face an always motivated Georgia Tech team in Atlanta for their season finale.

Considering where the Georgia season began, to sit here now with the knowledge that the Georgia Bulldogs could possibly play in the SEC Championship game is something that sounds like an early gift from Santa Clause—and folks I’ll take that gift with pleasure.

45-7 was the final score and I plan to sleep with the biggest smile upon my Georgia girl face at that lovely bit of karma.

How ‘BOUT them Dawgs, indeed?!?

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