Georgia Bulldogs: Alec Ogltree…(tsk, tsk, tsk)

Alec Ogletree’s recent DUI arrest could affect his status come draft day. Photo: Brant Sanderlin/AJC

First of all, hello again. I “unplugged” for a few days to reset and recharge my beleaguered blogging mind so that I might come back ready to write anew for this little site o’ mine. That said, I have to say I wasn’t too happy to turn on my iPhone— for the first time in about three days—and find this unsavory alert pop up on my screen: ALEC OGLETREE ARRESTED for DUI. 

What in zee hell?

Two things came immediately to mind when I read it: 1) did he learn nothing from Justin Houston’s blatant stupidity on the eve of the NFL Draft only a couple of seasons ago and 2) do the troubles with Alec Ogletree go a lot deeper than just a recreational attachment to the lady named Mary Jane? I mean…seriously, does this kid have a problem or is he just into making bad decisions at the worst times?

I don’t know what else to say that hasn’t already been said elsewhere (as I said, I’ve only just rejoined the social media world), but I know this without much pondering: nothing kills a pro career faster than too many questions about a guys “character”—and yes, that’s even in an NFL that allows philanderers, tax evaders, and wife-beaters to run around unchecked. The league of no fun and too many pansy rules is nothing if not hard on substance-abusers, and general managers don’t willingly hand out multi-million dollar contracts to kids who look like they might spend more time in rehab than training camp.

Harsh? Maybe a little, but perhaps someone needs to have a little talk with Alec about the idiocy he’s presenting and how short and sweet it could make his otherwise bright career become if he doesn’t get his act together real soon.

Come on, Alec…come on, son. Don’t waste your talent. Get right, kid. Get. Right. Now.


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