Georgia Bulldogs: About That Kicking Game…

Marshall Morgan teeing off against Buffalo in week one. Photo:

Though I am still basking in the glow of Georgia’s 48-3 rout of Vanderbilt last night, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention what appears to be a recurring issue in the kicking game—the PAT’s.

Last night, true freshman Marshall Morgan missed one extra point due to a bad snap and nearly flubbed another one later in the game—that one was saved by a good bounce off the goal post. Now, I’m not one to rain on the Bulldogs’ win parade, but it’s mishaps like those two last night (mishaps that were witnessed against Buffalo and Mizzou as well) that can sometimes lead to a game being lost or won by one; and with Tennessee next week and South Carolina looming large in the week that follows, you really like to see a bit more consistency in that area.

That said, you have to commend the true freshmen—both Marshall Morgan and Collin Barber—for doing so well under the lights. Marshall, in particular, impressed me on the road against Mizzou where he booted a 52-yarder; he showed a lot of poise. And while Barber’s leg hasn’t yet proven to be a boomer, he is holding his own in the conference and the overall performance on punt coverage, while it could certainly be better, is marginally improved over last season.

Even so, the pressure of every game gets bigger from here.

Georgia currently ranks No. 5 in the nation, but as LSU found out last night, nothing is a sure thing when a motivated team comes to play. The Bayou Tigers managed to scurry off ‘The Plains’ with a two-point win, but you have to figure that by the time Georgia rolls into town to play Auburn, they’ll be ready—particularly if the Bulldogs are still sporting a Top 10 ranking; that spanking last season in Athens has scarcely left their mind and you have to figure Brian Van Gorder and Willie Martinez are both itching to make a statement.

But I digress.

Bottom line is this: Georgia looked as balanced as any team in the country last night (I don’t care if it was Vandy) but there is still much to be done and the kicking game, in just about every aspect, has to get better.

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