Georgia Bulldogs: 2012 RB Prospect Tweets Interesting "Georgia" Photo

First things first, don’t get too excited about what any prospect tweets or says between now and signing day. Recruiting is a tricky business and anything can happen so long as an 18-year old kid has as many options as Davis. That said, if the following photo—tweeted by Davis tonight after his visit to the UGA campus—actually came to fruition, I am sure there would be more than one Dawg fan with a smile on their face.

In case you don’t see the names above the players in this rendition, they are as follows—from left to right—Keith Marshall, Isaiah Crowell, Todd Gurley, and Mike Davis. Davis found the photo on Facebook a few days ago and shared it then as well.

To be fair, that nickname is already being used in conjunction with the LSU Tigers’ backfield as well.

That said, Davis apparently thought it cool enough to share again after his unofficial visit to Athens today.

Again, take it with a grain of salt, but you’ll probably be seeing and hearing more about it over the next 24 hours.

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