Friday Night Links: Should The NCAA Require Head Coaches Pay For Athlete’s Sins?

1. The Palm Beach Post thinks a good way to “curb college football transgressions” is to pass the buck to the head coach and let him pay the cost to be the boss.

Why not make head coaches directly and financially responsible for maintaining integrity in their programs?

We’re not just talking about lofty speeches and sweater vests anymore. That’s window dressing, just as it is to suspend a rowdy running back two meaningless September games for driving drunk or smoking marijuana or getting tangled up in some nightclub brawl in the offseason.

Instead, dock the head coach a game-day paycheck when he and his staff and his army of mentors and tutors can’t keep a star player under control. That would work all the excuses out of any major program’s oversight system, and fast.

No more taking away scholarships for NCAA violations, either. That’s a punishment that comes so tardy that it hurts athletes who weren’t even at the school when the rules were being wrinkled. Extract a big fine from the head coach as an alternative, enough to cover an equal number of scholarships, and if he can’t pay, allow him to take out a college loan. Hey, we’re nothing if not humane.

2. Speaking of guys who are getting paid. Auburn head coach Gene Chizik just got a raise—think he sent a little of that cheese Cam’s way (just kidding).

“We believe that we have the best coach in college football,” Auburn athletics director Jay Jacobs said in a statement. “More importantly, coach Chizik is a great mentor to our student-athletes, he represents Auburn with class and integrity in all that he does, and he is an outstanding ambassador for Auburn University.”

3. Some are already wondering if this will be the year that Boise State finally gets their shot at a BCS Championship

Despite starting ranked higher than Oregon and Auburn in the preseason polls, by the time the first BCS rankings came out on October 17, Oregon had passed the Broncos and the next week Auburn jumped to the top spot. Besides, TCU even passed them the week after Auburn did.

But that doesn’t mean the question of whether a non-AQ school will ever play for the national championship as long as the BCS is holding hostage running the college football postseason will go away. This preseason, Boise State is once again considered the non-AQ team that holds the best chance of upsetting college football elitists and hoisting that crystal football. 

(Note: The legitimacy of the BCS will not be proven should a non-AQ school ever win the national title, nor will BCS opponents let the issue rest. The problem is not necessarily that a non-AQ school has never played for the national championship, but rather that the BCS provides AQ schools much easier access to the national title game and the BCS bowl games, not to mention the revenue that comes with it.)

4.  The first official lines for the upcoming 2011 College Football season have been released and Georgia is listed at -6 against Boise State.

Per Miller via Payne, bettors are allowed to make a maximum of three bets of no more than $1,000 each before they must head to the end of the line. 

We’ll be speaking with some industry experts and will have a more thorough analysis on a few of these games this weekend, but for now, here are the Golden Nugget’s point spreads for some of the biggest games on the 2011 schedule…

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Boise State (-6) at Georgia (game to be played in Atlanta)

Oregon (-2*) at LSU (game to be played in Dallas)

5. Rivals writer, Olin Buchanan believes the Florida Gators have the roughest four-game stretch of any team in college football this season.

…Florida’s October stretch may be the most difficult month faced by any team in the country, even with an open date before the Georgia game. Those four opponents were a combined 41-12 in 2009. Again, Auburn won’t be as good, but Alabama and LSU are bona-fide national championship contenders and Georgia figures to be better.

6. In case you had not heard, Tim Tebow has written a book about his life and his faith. He’s currently doing book signings about said book in Florida and—to no one’s surprise—he’s drawing massive crowds in his homestate. Well, at least in Orlando and Jacksonville. 

The local Wal-Mart officials deflected attempts for interviews, saying he was off limits before and during the event. Some customers looked on in amazement as fans started doing Gator chants in the middle of the store, hundreds dressed in blue Gator tops _ almost all with Tebow’s No. 15 on it.

The parking lot was overflowing as fans streamed into the store. The of the line was in women’s clothing, where an amazed shopper laughed in amazement as fans negotiated the huge line patiently as she tried to get to a blouse that interested her.

(on a side note, the author of this particular article needs more work with his editor. Jeez, what awful grammar and spelling in this little spiel).

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