Friday Links: Tim Tebow Talks Georgia, Lions Pleased With Matthew Stafford

Tim Tebow says that after the Bulldogs danced in Florida’s endzone in 2008, the Gators spent 365 days plotting their revenge.

The Lions may not be able to talk to their franchise quarterback, Matthew Stafford, but they did like what they heard about his performance at Georgia’s spring game, where he threw for charity—completing a 50-yard bomb to a fan and looking crisp in the tire drill.

After Brad Biggs wrote the story regarding Mallett, NFL analyst, Todd McShay, stated that none of the NFL teams he’s spoken to are worried about what Mallett did while at Arkansas because they feel pretty certain he isn’t doing it now

Nick Saban clarifies his statements regarding Cam Newton and Auburn—come on Nick, stick to your guns, dude.

Speaking of Saban, doesn’t he know two quarterback systems rarely work?

Arkansas fans thank Bobby Petrino for making the Hogs relevant in 2010.

Steve Spurrier is already leaving the door open to bring back embattled QB, Stephen Garcia—surprise, surprise.

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