Former USC Running Back, Stafon Johnson, Is Suing His Alma Mater

Former USC running back, Stafon Johnson, is bringing a lawsuit against his alma mater for the weightlifting accident that nearly cost him his life in 2009.

During a supervised training session with the strength and conditioning staff, Johnson almost died from the injuries he suffered when a 275 pound set of weights fell onto his neck.

Jamie Yanchar, who was assisting Johnson on that day, is no longer on the staff at USC, but he is also named in the lawsuit.

The incident, which happened in September 2009, was likely thought to have been water under the bridge for the USC football program—especially after Johnson signed on with the Tennessee Titans.

But with Johnson’s professional career in doubt after suffering a season-ending ankle injury, you have to wonder about the timing of this.

Would he be pursuing this measure if his NFL success, to this point, were more significant?

To be sure, Johnson deserves compensation for the carelessness of USC’s training staff, and there is little reason to believe he won’t get something out of the deal; It just seems like he might have considering doing so sooner rather than later.

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