Drew Rosenhaus and Terrelle Pryor: A Match Made In Disaster Heaven

Is Terrelle Pryor serious?!? Drew Rosenhaus is his agent of choice? Wow, Pryor should ask Terrell Owens how great of a job Rosenhaus does at averting disasters and making an embattled player look good.

This whole video is comical to me because Rosenhaus is a frickin’ joke. I don’t care how much money he’s made helping representing NFL misfits and wanna-be’s get, he’s a fink. I thought Pryor would have been smarter with this decision, but considering how asinine his lawyer has acted in some cases, I’m only mildly surprised by this development.

Check the media display put on by Drew Rosenhaus after confirming Pryor would enter the 2011 NFL Supplemental draft:

Okay, now what I’ve stopped laughing at the lunacy Rosenhaus displays in both comparing Pryor to Cam Newton and in relaying what Chad Ochocinco had to say about Pryor based on his experience with other Bengal’s quarterbacks—great names like Anthony Wright, Akili Smith, Gus Frerotte, Jordan Palmer and his “I Can’t Stay Healthy” brother, Carson, and Jon Kitna—I was able to dismiss all of the theatricality as utter nonsense.

People, this is the supplemental draft, not the NFL Draft, and it’s not likely that any NFL team wishing to roll the dice on Pryor is willing to do so in a major way as this particular medium of selecting football players—particularly quarterbacks—hasn’t been a slam dunk for any team thus far. Sure, Bernie Kosar made a little noise in Cleveland, but I challenge you to name another who fared half as well…go ahead, I’ll wait.

I sincerely hope that Pryor has the opportunity to make me and others who feel he’s basically sabotaged himself with his poor decision-making skills look like morons—I haven’t had the pleasure of eating much crow lately and I hear it’s delicious with a side of humble pie—but it’s more likely that the yellow brick road Pryor will traverse will be held together by broken bricks and fake gold teeth.

Good luck to the kid in turning this latest venture into a success because with Drew Rosenhaus at the wheel, I see more detours in his future. Oh, and just a word of advice to Pryor on Mr. Rosenhaus: stay out of trouble young man, your current agent has no idea how to handle adversity of any kind…

Jeez, what a pair.

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