Did The Georgia Bulldogs Commit a Secondary Violation During ‘Dawg Night’?

According to MrSEC.com, the Georgia Bulldogs could be in line to receive a secondary violation from the NCAA after this photo appeared in the Atlanta-Journal Constitution over the weekend. The photo was snapped not long after Zach DeBell committed to the Bulldogs on Friday Night.

The NCAA prohibits publicized contact with a recruit.

It’s not likely that the potential violation will net much more than a warning letter from the NCAA, but you have to wonder what coach Searles’ was thinking when he allowed the photo to be snapped in the first place—no doubt it was an honest mistake. 

In other recruiting news, Georgia continues to make gains with some of the biggest prospects—both in and out of the state.

Isaiah Crowell, one of the top-rated prospects in the state according to Rivals.com was in Athens over the weekend for ‘Dawg Night’ and couldn’t stress enough just how much the presence of Jarvis Jones (the recent USC transfer) has helped in his overall impression of the Georgia Bulldogs.

In an interview with Dawg Post’s Chad Simmons ($$$), Crowell states that Jones:

“…told me all about Georgia while I was there and he told me it was a good fit for him and that he thinks it would be a good fit for me too. He wants me to make my own decision and he is going to keep it real with me, so he answered all of my questions, he kept it real with me, and him being at Georgia does make a difference.”

Crowell and Jones both attended Carver High School together and Crowell has always looked up to Jones as both a friend and a mentor. The Bulldogs have recently re-established their relationship with Carver and their head coach, Dell McGee—giving them access to two of their biggest prospects (Gabe Wright and Isaiah Crowell). 

Speaking of Gabe Wright, the stellar defensive player who was thought to be leaning heavily towards the Auburn Tigers is now back to feeling good about the Bulldogs. He’s got a lot of people in his ear—all of whom are pulling for Georgia to keep Gabe safe at home. How much that will ultimately play a role in his decision is any one’s guess, but it’s good to know that Georgia is on the (W)right track. 

Other prospects who are still feeling the love (and giving it back) from the Bulldogs are:

Jay Rome (TE): The state’s top prospect remains very interested in the Bulldogs—thanks in large part to their history of churning out big time NFL pro prospects at his position. 

Brandon Shell (OL): Despite the recent commitment of Zach DeBell, Brandon Shell remains interested in Georgia. The No. 2 rated offensive lineman in the state of South Carolina listed Georgia in his top two—along with South Carolina. Shell is not expected to take any more official visits and a decision is thought to be coming soon. 


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