Dez Bryant to Roy Williams: "You Should Be Carrying MY Pads"

Don’t be confused by the hype-machine about Dez Bryant, he may have been “electrifying” in his first practice, but color me unimpressed until he actually plays a real football game.

I watched him play college football for nearly three seasons and while he has the frame to be a magnificent pro, he was inconsistent in the college ranks. He manhandled the weaker competition he came up against in the Big 12, but often struggled against the better ones. He’s good but he’s not nearly the god the media is touting him to be—yet.

So forgive me if I’m a tad skeptical about how well Bryant did in practice—we are talking about practice right? Not a game, not a game…PRACTICE!

However, the comical part wasn’t the media jockeying of Bryant, but rather his one act of defiance in refusing to accept the hazing offered him by Roy Williams.

Apparently, Williams asked Bryant to carry his pads after their practice session on Sunday evening and Bryant refused.

After many of us stopped laughing, it came down to the business of asking one of two questions, either “who does Dez Bryant think he is,” or “who does Roy Williams think HE is?”…either way, tongues were wagging.

Dez Bryant’s reasoning, “I’m not doing it, I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player’s pads… I’m saying that out of no disrespect to (anyone).”

Fair enough, right? I mean, after all, Bryant is getting paid $11.8 million to catch the ball for Dallas, something that Roy Williams has done a poor job of over the last several seasons. Bryant probably doesn’t feel Williams is worthy of asking him for such a thing—what has he done to be afforded that level of respect?

And, honestly, if this were Jason Witten, how likely is it that he would have denied that request?  Just saying. Roy Williams can be as diplomatic as he wants about the fact that the Cowboys found it necessary to draft a receiver in the first round but, the fact remains, his clock is ticking.

My bet is that this will be Williams’ last season in Dallas (especially if Bryant performs as expected…or even close). Williams’ knows it. Bryant knows it. So, again, why should Bryant feel the need to cow-tow to the man who may soon be sitting on the bench, watching him snag balls from Tony Romo?

I understand that, in the end, it’s the principle of the thing, and I am sure that after this little brouhaha is over, Bryant will be pulled to the side and told as much but, seriously, carry Roy Williams’ pads?…Not even I can blame him for denying that request.

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