College Recruiting: Robert Nkemdiche, ‘If schools give up, they give up’

2013’s No. 1 Recruiting Prospect Robert Nkemdiche is rumored to be an Ole Miss lock. Photo: ESPN

Robert Nkemdiche is the closest thing to a ‘Willie Williams’ I’ve seen in a long time. I’m not saying that to mean he’s a trouble-maker or a media ham, but rather he’s the guy everyone appears to be clamoring to make happy, yet all that appears to be happening is the teams catering to him are looking like imps and Nkemdiche comes off a bit like a prima donna.

Clemson was able to lock down Nkemdiche’s commitment after offering several of his high school teammates scholarships. But, after Nkemdiche’s mom stated her disapproval and made it clear that her preference was for her boys to play together— which, to the millions of ears still listening meant that Nkemdiche was likely Ole Miss’ to lose—Nkemdiche de-committed and began showing up wearing Ole Miss gear on Twitter.

By doing so, all he did was fuel the rumors that he was just moments away from dropping the hammer and committing to Ole Miss. But, instead of letting the world continue to believe what they will, Nkemdiche is now speaking out and saying—and I’m taking a bit of liberty in translating his words in this way—he’s not happy about the lack of interest he’s suddenly receiving from other schools and wants every one to know that he’s still looking. He’s still available.

Late Tuesday night, Robert did not confirm or deny a commitment was close to occurring. 

“I do not know about that,” Nkemdiche said. “I will have to see. If I do make my decision, I will probably hold an announcement. I am not going to say I will or if I won’t. I am still iffy-iffy. If I do commit, I think I will still take my official visits.” 

Nkemdiche says he has no plans to take any officials until January, and only listed Oregon and LSU as two visits he knows he wants to take. Ever since he decommitted from Clemson three weeks ago, speculation has been that it is a foregone conclusion that Nkemdiche will end up playing with his brother in college. Although Nkemdiche admits he has not heard from many schools recently, he feels it is not so cut and dry just yet. 

To people that do think I am a lock to Ole Miss, I will just say you never know,” Nkemdiche said. “I could end up falling in love with any other school [emphasis added]. If schools give up, they give up, but you never know if I take a visit and fall in love. It could happen.”  (Kipp Adams, “Robert Nkemdiche clears the air”,, 11/28/12)

Okay, here’s where the ‘Willie Williams’ comparison comes in , why even bother saying anything about this to the media? I understand he was probably asked the question about where he stands with Ole Miss and maybe was even told that the assumption is he’s going to sign with them, and that is more than likely the reason he responded the way he did,  but still, he should be locking things down where this discussion is concerned because, in my opinion, he’s only making himself bad.

Nkemdiche’s talent has made him a prize worth having, but his approach to his recruitment has to have some coaches wondering if the drama will end on National Signing Day—that is probably part of the reason his phone has suddenly stopped ringing.

Either way, Nkemdiche can be sure of one thing, no one has any idea what his next move will be. And, at this point, I’m not sure if anyone is still holding their breath waiting to find out.

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