College Football: The Texas Longhorns Get Swept Away by The Cyclones

Someone forgot to tell the Texas Longhorns that the season didn’t end with their victory over Nebraska, because they apparently didn’t realize that.

The Iowa State Cyclones, led by a determined Austen Arnaud and a defense with a major chip on its shoulder, marched into Austin, TX with a seven-game losing streak to Mack Brown and his Longhorns.

However, by the end of the day, they were floating out of Texas Memorial Stadium with a helmet full of pride, and a solid ‘w’ to give to the supporters waiting for them in Ames, IA.

It was clear early that Garrett Gilbert and the rest of his teammates left their pride, their game, and their execution in Nebraska, because the team that showed up to play football today looked unprepared and unimpressed.

At the half, the Longhorns had three-points to show for their mediocre efforts.

By contrast, Iowa State came to play. On their second possession of the game, Arnaud led the team 80-yards downfield for a touchdown.

Two possessions later, the Cyclones added another six via the ground game—in-between the touchdowns, the Cyclones’ defense kept the Longhorns off-balance, frustrated, and confused as they bullied, pushed, and punked for three quarters—including several denials in the redzone.

Before Texas finally figured out what was happening, the was game over.

It was a good win for Austen Arnaud and the Cyclones. The talented quarterback has played with a lot of heart over the years, but he’s seen his fair share of losses.

For the Texas Longhorns, and Garrett Gilbert, it’s just another bad loss on a season that, after last week, seemed to be turning a corner—just another Saturday in college football.

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