College Football: Steve Stripling Currently Recruiting for Tennessee, While Coaching at Cincinnati

UC Assistant Steve Stripling is currently the Interim coach for the Bearcats.

This can’t be good…

Interim Cincinnati coach Steve Stripling is recruiting ESPN Watch List receiver Dominique Booth (Indianapolis/Pike). He just isn’t doing it for the Bearcats. 

Stripling was named the Bearcats’ interim coach when Butch Jones left for Tennessee. From what Stripling told Booth, Stripling, originally the Bearcats’ defensive line coach, and a few other assistants will be leaving for Knoxville immediately following the Belk Bowl on Dec. 27. 

“He was telling me he’s the interim coach at Cincinnati, and after the bowl game he’s leaving for Tennessee,” Booth said. “He was saying the offensive coordinator [Mike Bajakian] is going to go to Tennessee also. 

I don’t know about y’all, but this sounds like a bum deal for the Bearcats. I mean, honestly, why didn’t Stripling just leave right along with Butch Jones instead of staying on and telling prospects—that Cincinnati is actively recruiting—that he’s leaving and just hold out and wait for an offer from his new employer?

That’s just dirty right there, but I guess that’s recruiting for you.


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