College Football: Prospect Says Tuberville “…left people in the dark and in the shadow.”

Tommy Tuberville was excited to take over the reigns at Cincy, but left Texas Tech with no apologies or warning. Photo: Al Behrman/AP

I have one reaction to the following story…lawd, have mercy.

Devonte Danzey is currently being recruited by the Texas Tech Red Raiders (or at least he was a few days ago) and he has an unflattering story to share about how the Red Raiders now former head coach, Tommy Tuberville, ditched him as well as some other potential prospects once Cincinnati came calling.

…Shortly after arriving in Lubbock, Danzey and at least two other recruits — lineman Sunny Odogwu and receiver Javess Blue— along with “eight to 10” coaches, including Tuberville, all went to dinner at the 50-Yard Line Restaurant on South Loop 289, Danzey said.

In the midst of the conversation at the table, he asked the coaches how long they expected to be at Tech (if they were not fired), he said.

“I asked Coach (Charlie) Weis at KU and Coach (Dana) Holgorsen at West Virginia (the same question), just so I know my relationship with them,” Danzey said. “(Tuberville) was just telling me he coached at Miami and Auburn, he coached 10 years and recruited Ray Lewis and kind of blew the question off I didn’t even realize.”

He added: “The waitress brought our food out, and we thought (Tuberville) went to the bathroom, but he never came back to dinner. Then next thing I know, the next day, he made an announcement that he’s going to Cincinnati.”

…“Everybody was going crazy,” Danzey said. “The players were shocked, too. We still had a good time at night, but it was crazy how he just got up and left out of nowhere and left people in the dark and in the shadow.”


Let me just add that it’s situations like this the media often forgets when discussing the inherent dishonor or prima donna tone of yet another ‘de-commitment’ or ‘flip’ by a highly-touted prospect. It’s all good to point at a 17- or 18-year old boy and say he should be more sure or more…for lack of a better word, committed, but what about the grown men of the profession? Shouldn’t they be held accountable as well? After all, they are actually paid to be on the football field and represent the university with integrity. Hoe much integrity is there in a head coach leaving his current staff—and potential players—without a word or  warning?

It makes me shake my head, really. Just sad.


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