College Football: Husker’s Ameer Abdullah on SEC, “I don’t think they’re that great.”

Sophomore RB Ameer Abdullah led the Huskers in rushing yards this season with 1,145. Photo: ESPN

Nebraska running back Ameer Abdullah knows a little something about the SEC’s prowess—he’s from Homewood, AL and was recruited by both Auburn and Alabama as a prospect; that hasn’t done much to make him believe the conference is any better than the one he choose to sign on with; if anything, he feels inclined to let people know just how pedestrian the SEC can be once you put everything into perspective and get beyond their BCS reign.

“You’ve got to respect those guys, they’ve brought home the title (the last) six years,” Abdullah said. “You’re going to hear it until someone takes that crown from them. … But I don’t really pay any mind to it. I’m not one of those guys who is, ‘The SEC is this and that.’ I feel like in every conference you have good teams and you have your poor teams that are not as good. I feel like the SEC, they have their good squads and they have their bad squads. As a whole, I don’t think they’re that great.” (Brian Christopherson, Lincoln Journal Star)

Abdullah isn’t the trash talking type. He’s a humble kid with a well-respected work ethic, but you can bet his comments will catch the attention of someone (at least they caught mine), if for no other reason than the Bulldogs’ upcoming game against Nebraska is a big test of their bounce-back ability—especially since they’re still smarting from the loss to Alabama three weeks ago and are under pressure to close out the year with a bowl win.

Can Georgia stop the run this time around? Will they have the focus and motivation to finish the drill strong and send their seniors out as winners? Can Grantham pull double-duty—in light of the staff changes—and get the defensive line ready to play even without John Jenkins whom it’s not quite certain will be available in Orlando come game time?

There are more than enough questions that need answering before January 1 and none of them, I can assure you, will center around whether the SEC is any good—the proof is already in the pudding on that one.



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