College Football Betting Odds: Will The Auburn Tigers Be The Next No. 1 To Fall?

The Lady got back to being average last week, finishing the weekend slate with a 5-5 record. The challenge for this site has become to complete the season ABOVE .500 and, sitting at 34-41 on the year, there is still plenty of work left to do before that goal is accomplished.

So, this week, the usual ten picks will be upped to fifteen—just for kicks. To keep it interesting, there will be no “cupcakes”—all Division-I. The Lady will either sink or swim with her choices but, there again, she always does.

The time stamp offered by this posting may not reflect the lines as you may find them to be as of Thursday morning, but as of 8:33 Wednesday night, these were the lines offered by

Let’s get it going, shall we:

1. Ole Miss vs. Auburn: Auburn (-7)

The Tigers are really feeling like winners right now, aren’t they? They’re the No. 1 team in the nation, undefeated in the SEC, sporting a Heisman contender (likely the Heisman winner) at quarterback…things are looking sweet on The Plains right now.

Well, here’s the thing about that, Auburn has looked lights out all season EXCEPT on the road where they’ve struggled against both Kentucky and Mississippi State. Ole Miss has one of the most mobile quarterbacks the Tigers have faced all season and Masoli is coming off one of his best games of the season.

Don’t sleep on the Rebels.

The Lady’s Pick: Ole Miss

2. Southern Cal vs. Oregon: Oregon (-7)

Oregon is mad as hell, and they aren’t gonna take it any more!

If you’re Chip Kelly’s bunch, you have to be wondering what on earth you have to do in order to see some BCS respect—a little No. 1 love? Well, the best way to get that is to go to L.A. and stomp the living crap out of Lane Kiffin’s boys.

If they can do that, they might be able to get enough of a boost to pull those Auburn Tigers right off their mantle.

The Lady’s Pick:  Oregon

3. Connecticut vs. West Virginia: (-6.5)

Connecticut has to break in another quarterback this week and, although, they are playing at home, they have looked another shade of awful over the last two weeks—against both Rutgers and Louisville.

Are they really going to improve that much between then and Friday?…Not likely.

The Lady’s Pick: West Virginia

4.  Illinois vs. Purdue: Illinois (-17.5) 

What did Illinois do to deserve this much respect?

Purdue hasn’t been good this year, but they’ve played every team they have faced in a tough fashion this season. Illinois beat the crap out of Indiana last week, and no disrespect to the Hoosiers, but that’s not saying much.

The Lady’s Pick: Purdue

5.  Iowa vs. Michigan State: Iowa (-6)

Michigan State averted a disaster in Illinois last week against a tough Northwestern team. That won’t happen again in Iowa City. The Hawkeyes will be ready to get stop the Spartans streak in Iowa City.

The Lady’s Pick: Iowa

6. South Carolina vs. Tennessee: South Carolina (-17.5)

Tennessee doesn’t look good. The lack of depth, the issues on the offensive line, the quarterback spot, etc…all look completely exhausted at this point.

By stark contrast, the Gamecocks will be playing at home…with Marcus Lattimore.

The Lady’s Pick: South Carolina

7. Mississippi State vs. Kentucky: Mississippi State (-6.5)

Kentucky is better than their record. Mississippi State isn’t as good as theirs.

The Lady’s Pick: Kentucky

8. Oklahoma State vs. Kansas State: Oklahoma State (-5.5)

Brandon Weeden just, unexpectedly, lost his No. 1 receiver. That means the Cowboys offense just got run-heavy. The Wildcats would be wise to take advantage of the Cowboys period of adjustment.

The Lady’s Pick: Kansas State

9. Nebraska vs. Missouri: Missouri (-7.5)

The Cornhuskers were on the opposite side of this line two-weeks ago against the Longhorns—they blew it. Don’t look for Pelini’s bunch to make the same mistake twice.

The Lady’s Pick: Nebraska

10. Oregon State vs. California: Oregon State (-2.5)

The Golden Bears feel pretty good about themselves after a huge win over the Sun Devils last week, but they should be careful not to bring too much of that ego into Oregon this weekend. The Beavers play well at home and the Bears have been woeful on the road.

The Lady’s Pick: Oregon State

Lady’s Luck Picks:

11. Washington State (+21) at Arizona State

12. Minnesota (+25.5) vs. Ohio State

13. Penn State (-3) vs. Michigan

14. Miami (-15.5) at Virginia

15. Kansas (+19) at Iowa State

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