College Football: ATS Quick Picks for Week 14

I trust most everyone had a wonderful, fun-filled, Thanksgiving holiday? Hope so. The “Lady” certainly did,but playtime is over, and it’s back to the business of making picks for the final time this college football season—man it flew by quick, didn’t it?

Last week wasn’t a bad haul, at 7-3, but I hope to finish the season out strong with another plus .500 day.

All lines come courtesy of, as always, and are current as of this post.

Let’s ride.

1. Ohio State at Michigan: Ohio State (-14)

Ah, this is a big one for the big boys who reside in the Big Ten, ain’t it?

While Urban Meyer is making his bid for a shot at the No. 2 spot in the BCS—and a potential matchup with Alabama (assuming they can knockoff Auburn in the ‘Iron Bowl’ this weekend)—the Wolverines are essentially playing for pride, and honor, against a nemesis they would love to play spoiler to this season.

I can’t see a scenario where Michigan wins this game—there are too many horses in the Buckeyes’s stable for that to happen—but that doesn’t mean they can’t make it interesting; And, I think they’ll do just  that for about three quarters…before they start to fall completely apart at the seams.

The Lady’s Pick: Ohio State

2. Clemson at South Carolina: South Carolina (-4.5)

As an admitted Georgia Bulldog fan, nothing brings a bigger smile to my face than seeing Steve Spurrier on the bitter end of a loss. However, no matter how good Clemson has been over the last few years, they never seem to get the long end of the stick against the Gamecocks—something always seems to trip them up in the end.

That said, I can certainly see Clemson winning this game, but Williams-Brice, South Carolina running back Mike Davis, and that stingy Gamecock defense gives me reason to pause.

I see close, but no cigar here for the Tigers.

The Lady’s Pick: Clemson

3. BYU at Nevada: BYU (-14.5)

The bottom line here is defense. Nevada is poor at it, BYU isn’t.

This game will be probably come down to time of possession, quarterback play, and turnovers. If BYU does well at all of those things, they should seize control of this game sometime after the first half, if not the first quarter. However, If they let the Wolfpack hang around, it could get a bit sticky for the Cougars…and not in a good way.

The Lady’s Pick: Nevada

4. Texas A&M at Missouri: Missouri (-4.5)

I’ll come right out and say it, I think Missouri loses this game. There, it’s been said.

Texas A&M has a terrible defense (no doubt), Missouri has played controlled, well-disciplined, football on both sides of the field (can’t argue there), but you have to figure Aggies quarterback Johnny Manziel will be looking to redeem himself a bit after an abysmal performance against LSU last week and, to be honest, Missouri’s defense could have some trouble defensing a quarterback who can be every bit as dangerous outside of the pocket as he is inside it.

I expect a shoot-out, at best and a blowout, at worst, but I’m willing to roll the dice on the Ags…even as a road dog.

The Lady’s Pick: Texas A&M

5. Alabama at Auburn: Alabama (-10.5)

Alabama is Alabama. I don’t care where this game is being played, what Auburn has accomplished this season, or what is on the line at the end of this game (a trip to the SEC Championship), Alabama is going to be Alabama; I haven’t seen anything out of Auburn this season that will make that not be the case.

The Lady’s Pick: Alabama

The Other 5:

6. UCLA at USC: USC (-3.5)


7. Notre Dame at Stanford: Stanford (-14.5)


8. Baylor at TCU: Baylor (-12.5)


9. Virginia Tech at Virginia: Virginia Tech (-13.5)


10. Purdue at Indiana: Indiana (-21)


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