College Football: ATS Picks for Week 8, Can the Tigers Derail the Bayou Bengals?

I went big last week by picking 15 games to help ease the pain of a 3-9 week and  I received a 10-5 reward for my efforts—placing me at 47-35 for the season. This week I don’t know that I’ll be as adventurous, but it’s definitely a much more laid back weak for me as I don’t have a vested interest in any of the teams on the board.

That said, it’s time to jump into another round of picks and see what happens. Just for kicks, I’ll restate the premise: against the spread only and supplies my lines.

Here we go.

1. West Virginia at Syracuse: West Virginia (-14.0)

I’m willing to go against the grain a bit here because conference games are always a challenge—even when the opponent is Syracuse. My biggest concern is how well the Mountaineers play on the road versus in Morgantown. Syracuse may be ordinary, but they seem to play with a lot more pride at home.

The Lady’s Pick: Syracuse

2. Indiana at Iowa: Iowa (-23.5)

I just don’t have that much faith in the Hawkeyes to completely annihilate a team, even if they are in their own stadium. Indiana is a wreck of a team, but they can put up enough of a fight to not get wasted.

The Lady’s Pick: Indiana

3. Illinois at Purdue: Illinois (-4)

Neither one of these teams is as good as they probably think they are but Purdue’s ineffectiveness against the run could be the death knell for them in this game—a game that I suspect won’t see much of a point margin until late in the second-half.

The Lady’s Pick: Illinois

4. Maryland at Florida State: Florida State (-18)

Florida State took out some much-needed aggression on the lowly Duke Blue Devils last week, but don’t expect a repeat performance of that game this week. The Terps might not yet be where head coach, Randy Edsall, wants them to be, but they’re a competitive bunch with a lot of potential—particularly with C.J. Brown under center. I expect this game to be a barn-burner.

The Lady’s Pick: Maryland

5. Arkansas at Mississippi: Arkansas (-16)

The Razorbacks are better than the Rebels, make no mistake about that here, but the Rebels will have much better luck against a pass-happy Bobby Petrino team than they did last week against the top-shelf rushing attack of the Crimson Tide. I expect the Rebs to keep it tight early but, at the end of the day, the Razorbacks just have too much talent offensively to stay off the scoreboard.

The Lady’s Pick: Arkansas

6. Texas A&M at Iowa State: Texas A&M (-20.5)

The Cyclones look to be the whooping boys in this one, but I’m not so sure the bookmakers are giving them enough credit for how tightly they play teams at home—or just how unimpressive the Aggies have looked on the road. I expect a big crowd in Ames this weekend as the Big 12 continues to gig the Aggies on their farewell tour to the SEC.

The Lady’s Pick: Iowa State

7. Oklahoma State at Missouri: Oklahoma State (-7.0)

Until the Cowboys give us a reason to doubt their offense is for real, I intend to keep betting against them getting railroaded by any of the teams they’ll meet during the rest of their regular season.

The Lady’s Pick: Oklahoma State

8. Tennessee at Alabama: Alabama (-29.5)

Tennessee is atrocious without Tyler Bray or Justin Houston…and did I mention they have no run game? No chance they’ll be leaving Tuscaloosa with anything close to a win or a cover.

The Lady’s Pick: Alabama

9. Washington at Stanford: Stanford (-20.5)

The easy pick here should be Stanford, but I’m hesitant to say they’ll continue their big-winning ways this week based on who they’ve played to this point in the season. Let’s face it, Stanford has not been challenged one iota thus far and they’re due for a reality check at some point. Could this be the week they’re forced to take it off cruise control and actually do some of the driving themselves?

The Lady’s Pick: Washington

10. Auburn at LSU: LSU (-21)

I must have missed the memo on this one, but, did Cam Newton suddenly decide to come back and don the No. 5 because there are a lot of people out there picking the Tigers in this one and I’m not sure why. Listen, Auburn is the same team that struggled against Utah State in game one and had to pray for a win over Mississippi State in week two. They don’t have the personnel to keep up with LSU, in my opinion (even with the suspensions), and their chance of keeping this game interesting drops precipitously the moment they enter Baton Rouge.

The Lady’s Pick: LSU

11. Wisconsin at Michigan State: Wisconsin (-7)

The Badgers will lose at some point this season, but I’m not getting the feeling it will be here.

The Lady’s Pick: Wisconsin

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