College Football ATS Picks for Week 12: The Super-Sized Pre-Thanksgiving Edition

A 65-64 record, after a 5-10 finish last week, has me scratching my head as this Lady has had a really bad run of luck over the last three-weeks. I guess it was bound to happen at some point, but it’s definitely not something I had hoped to see come at the tail end of the season.

With a mere two weeks left in the college football regular season, I am well short of my goal of 90 wins so I’ll be going all out this week and next as I’ve literally nothing left to lose.

That said, I’m rolling out a super, duper, sized edition of ATS picks in hopes that I’ll finally get things rolling again. If not…well, I guess I’ll be crying in my protein drink come Sunday morning. provides the lines and I provide the time. Let’s go.

1. Oklahoma State at Iowa State: Oklahoma State (-27)

How are the Cowboys slated for a Friday night game? Aren’t they the No. 2 team in the nation? Anyway, I guess they’ll only get their respect if they end up playing for the National Championship. Either way, I don’t expect the Cyclones to do much to stop Weeden from getting the ball to Justin Blackmon—better teams have tried and failed already this season.

The Lady’s Pick: Oklahoma State

2. Minnesota at Northwestern: Northwestern (-15)

I don’t know what to say about the Gophers and I don’t know that I’ll ever figure out how good or bad they truly are at this stage of the season. All I do know is I’m not comfortable spotting Northwestern 15 points over anybody based on the inconsistency I’ve seen from them this season.

The Lady’s Pick: Minnesota

3. Wisconsin at Illinois: Wisconsin (-14.5)

I like Russell Wilson’s chances to play well against this Illinois defense. I just feel he has enough weapons to keep them on their heels all day.

The Lady’s Pick: Wisconsin

4. Iowa at Purdue: Iowa (-2.5)

Iowa makes me nervous. They seem to play up for big opponents and down for the mediocre ones. Purdue falls somewhere in the middle.

The Lady’s Pick: Purdue

5. Indiana at Michigan State: Michigan State (-28)

After the way the Spartans let Minnesota hang around a few weeks back, I am skeptical about their team being spotted this many points—even if it is against a horrid Indiana.

The Lady’s Pick: Indiana

6. Louisville at Connecticut: Louisville (-1)

The Cardinals got a gut-check at home against Pitt last week and I figure they’re about ready to get back on the winning track with a bowl game on the line.

The Lady’s Pick: Louisville

7. Maryland at Wake Forest: Wake Forest (-10)

Flip a coin here as neither of these teams takes the field as a powerhouse. Both have shown a flash here and there, but mostly they’ve just been like that dim, 25 watt, energy-efficient bulb in your bedside table lamp—adequate, but hardly impressive.

The Lady’s Pick: Wake Forest

8. Virginia at Florida State: Florida State (-17.5)

Call me crazy, but I think the Seminoles lost a lot of their fire after they lost to Clemson. Even though Virginia doesn’t match up with FSU talent-wise, I’ve seen enough of them this year to note that they aren’t about to lay down and take a loss like teams of old.

The Lady’s Pick: Virginia

9. Clemson at North Carolina State: Clemson (-7.5)

Clemson has taken a few bruises after stumbling against Georgia Tech, but this Wolfpack team just isn’t as tough without Russell Wilson at quarterback.

The Lady’s Pick: Clemson

10. Texas Tech at Missouri: Missouri (-18)

I don’t suspect that many will give the Raiders a chance to do anything against the Tigers given the embarrassment of last weeks loss to the Cowboys, but you have to figure they want to get that taste out of their mouth somehow.

The Lady’s Pick: Texas Tech

Other Picks:

11. Temple (-13.5) vs. Army: Temple

12. New Mexico State (+22.5) at BYU: New Mexico State

13. LSU (-30) at Ole Miss: LSU

14. Washington (-2) at Oregon State: Washington

15. Stanford (-18) vs. California: Stanford

16. UCLA (-11) vs Colorado: UCLA

17. Cincinnati (-3) at Rutgers: Rutgers

18. Kansas State (+8.5) at Texas: Kansas State

19. Mississippi State at Arkansas (-13): Arkansas

20. Oregon (-14.5) vs. USC: Oregon

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