College Football: And Manti Te’o is News,Why?

The whole Manti Te’o hoax story should go away. Photo: Todd Rosenberg/SI

I promised myself I wouldn’t bother writing about the whole Manti Te’o fiasco—and I still won’t devote more than 100 of my own words to the story—but my question continues to be why have so news outlets continued to give press to a story that was clearly concocted for the sake of gaining press? I mean, don’t things like this just feed into the madness even more?

Notre Dame linebacker Manti Te’o has agreed to an on-camera interview with Katie Couric to be broadcast Thursday on her syndicated show “Katie.”

ABC made the announcement Sunday but offered no details on when and where the interview will take place with Te’o and Couric, a special correspondent for the network.

 Te’o discussed the girlfriend hoax story Friday night with ESPN’s Jeremy Schaap, but he would not allow the two-hour session to be taped for broadcast.

 Te’o’s parents, Brian and Ottilia, will join him for his first on-air interview since the alleged catfishing hoax became public last week.


Listen, here’s the one and only take I’m prepared to offer on this one (as if it matters): the kid is either lying through his teeth or knows enough about the liars involved to be held accountable for this nonsense.

Either way, his 15-minutes was up 10-minutes ago.


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