Clint Boling on Georgia: "We Just Didn’t Really Play Up To Our Potential"

Former offensive lineman, Clint Boling, was recently interviewed during a media session at the NFL combine—taking place this week in Indianapolis—and when he was asked to explain how a team  that came into the 2010 season so talented ends up 6-7, he had the following to say,

(h/t Jay Adams)

So, basically, Clint had no more of an idea what went wrong than the rest of us.

He mentioned A.J.’s absence and pointed to their inability to meet their “potential”, but it didn’t look to me like he really had much of a clue what happened in 2010—honestly, he didn’t look comfortable answering the question at all. To me that screams loss of control.

The offensive line was by far the most heralded unit on the 2010 squad and, if nothing else, they were expected to remain as effective last season as they appeared to be at the end of 2009. The fact that they were as wildly inconsistent as they were says, to me at least, that there was a definite problem with the message coming from the coaching staff. None of these guys were on the same page and the play on the field suffered as a result.

Hopefully that “disconnect” won’t be an issue in 2011.

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