Bulger Better Pray For A Miracle….or Another Wide Receiver

In case you didn’t hear it, Donnie Avery is out for the next 4-6 weeks. That may not seem all that important to most, but to Marc Bulger, it could mean a ton.

Donnie Avery is the only experienced wide receiver the Rams currently have on their roster since Torry Holt bolted.

He wasn’t likely to be a huge impact player as it were, but he was the only guy on the team, besides Holt, who was consistently able to catch passes.

His absence should be a short one, thankfully, but if it were to extend out to the maximum of six weeks, it could spell trouble for the Rams as they will face Kansas City, Seattle, and Washington in the first three-weeks of the season.

Kansas City should be a manageable game but both Seattle and Washington promise to be more competitive this season and a misstep against Kansas City could spell an 0-3 record for the Rams early.

Steven Jackson is still penciled in to start the season, but it’s difficult to feel confident that he will return to form until he takes that first true snap.

Bulger is already on thin ice with the Lou faithful and a slow start by him won’t be greeted in a nice way.

Hopefully, someone can step up and develop some chemistry with Bulger in Avery’s absence, if not, it’s looking like the season could get ugly early for the Rams.

For more in-depth coverage of the Rams wide receiver woes, look here.

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