Bryce Brown…The Very Definition of Unclassy

Bryce Brown just joined the ranks of his former coach and, coincidentally, the man who lured him to Knoxville in the first place, Lane Kiffin, by exiting the Tennessee football program via text message.

Brown, who abruptly departed the Vols football program in late March, was given quite a bit of leeway by new coach Derek Dooley. No pressure was applied to Brown as the Vols awaited his decision to either finish out his career at Tennessee or transfer out. However, the longer the decision took to be made, the more apparent it became that Brown would not be returning—by the end of spring, it was clear both Dooley and the team had moved on. 

In hindsight, though, Dooley may have been better served to approach Brown and alert him that he needed to make a choice sooner rather than later. The reason for doing so would have been simple, to take pressure off both the team and himself in answering the question of whether Brown was going to remain or not.

Why continue to allow that kind of a distraction? Especially since it was clear that Dooley knew Brown’s fate long before the end of spring practice. I mean, most of the fans and players had moved on from this soap opera, but the waiting was the kicker—Brown continued to drag out his request for a release, why?

In the end, not only did Brown not show up to meet with Dooley about his situation but he decided the best way to say goodbye was through a text message.


It always seems like poor form to talk negatively about a 19-year old kid who, presumably, still has a lot of growing up to do, but come on—seriously?!? A text message? Considering the amount of respect that Brown was given by Dooley, I would think he would have thought to at least give him as much respect in return. The fact that he didn’t says a lot about him as a player and a man—right now.

According to at least one report, his parents weren’t too happy about his decision to exit the program in this manner either—his father was vocal in stating that he didn’t feel it was the manly thing to do. Well, I can definitely agree with daddy Brown on that one, but, at the same time, look at the example Brown toiled under during his first season in Knoxville.

Former Vols coach, Lane Kiffin, scurried out of town, under the cover of night, on short notice, with no explanation other than he was taking his “dream job”. After which, he tried to pilfer what was left of the Vol’s 2010 recruiting class and then proceeded to make statements to the effect that he never promised Tennessee a rose garden.

I guess Bryce picked up on the wrong man’s cues for how to do things the right way.

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