Brett Favre…Tsk, tsk, tsk…

So, is he really going to sign on the dotted line this time? I mean, is he ready to come back and FINALLY grace us with his presence?

An ESPN report is saying that Favre is meeting with the Vikings as of this post and, likely, will sign for somewhere between $10-12 million pending a physical.

Have we all not grown tired of this crap?

I don’t care that Favre is a future Hall of Famer. I don’t care what he did while he was in Green Bay. I don’t care that he has the right to retire/unretire as many times as he pleases. None of that matters at this point.

Why should it? Brett seems more interested in being in the spotlight than saving his legacy for those who were once his die-hard fans.

However, the yearly soap opera that has become his “retirement” has grown way past old and, now, all anyone wants to see him do is DISAPPEAR.

Brett has made the Vikings, his fans, and the media look like complete idiots with his wishy-washy “look at me” behavior.

Seriously, Brett, how hard can it be to make up your mind?

Did you decide, just in the last couple weeks, that you wanted to play after all? Or were you just interested in being the top story again now that Vick has done his world tour of forgiveness?

Favre is a pathetic joke. Sorry to say so, but, it’s true.

Whatever followers he has left, will likely soon be a minority group as he has done a fine job of pissing a lot of football fans off, royally.

Good luck in Minnesota Brett. I have no doubt you will be a better option than either Sage Rosenfels or Tarvaris Jackson.

However, if you don’t sign this time, do us all a FAV-RE and go the hell away!

What a joke.

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