Brett Favre, AKA ‘Mr Indecision’, Is Back To Spread NFL Joy To All…NOT!

These days it simply doesn’t feel like an NFL offseason if we aren’t wondering what the heck Brett Favre is going to do.

He’s been pulling this “I don’t know what I’m going to do” act for years now and, if you aren’t sick of it yet, you are either a Brett Favre apologist or just not paying attention.

In the annual “kiss my backside because my name is Brett” play, Minnesota Viking’s head coach, Brad Childress reprises his role as the “lips” and he is already racking up airline miles flying to wherever Brett’s backside currently resides.

The question is simple, and the same as always, “are you going to come out and play?”. As usual, Brett is indecisive and uncertain if he can do it again.

He’s wondering if he has the energy, the motivation, and the ability to step onto the football field again and lead the team to victory. Even more, will he be able to erase the memory of that devastating loss to the New Orleans Saints in the 2009 NFC Championship game. After all, he did throw the ill-advised and ill-timed pass that eventually led to the Vikings seeing their Super Bowl dream fade to black?

However, the more important question in all of this is…why should any of us give a flip?

This story is old and it’s been heard before. I don’t know about anyone else, but, I’d like to read a new book, in another library, in a different state, and I’d like it if Brett weren’t a character in the tale.

Before he unleashed his inner diva, he was a likeable guy. Now, he’s just a pain in the rear that no football fan, outside the state of Minnesota, really cares all that much about—hell, not even his agent can stand him at this point and he gets paid to put up with him.

Plus, can we be honest about this situation, Favre is probably just stalling the decision until training camps near an end because who wants to, voluntarily, deal with the grind and heat of all of that when you can go play catch with high school boys?

Keep chucking those balls to teenage boys, Brett. We all know exactly what you are doing and, come first snap, I expect to see you wearing that No. 4 for the Vikings again—even your backup, Tarvaris Jackson is hip to your game.

I’d be surprised if that’s not the case.

He’s not fooling me and I seriously doubt he’s fooling anyone else with half a brain—hence the annoyance with his delayed decision tactics.

Oh Brett, you’re such a kidder, I just wish your jokes were funnier.

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