Be it Cincinnati or St. Louis, for Terrell Owens, The Result Will Be The Same

Multiple media outlets are reporting that former Buffalo Bills receiver, Terrell Owens, could land in St. Louis. The Rams are said to be “aggressively pursuing” him at this time, and a deal could possibly be made between the two entities within the next 48 to 72 hours.

My opinion of Terrell Owens and his immature antics have already been made clear and, in light of this newest information, I have to say that if the Rams or the Bengals were to sign him, they would both be making a huge mistake.

Both Cincinnati (a team with a penchant for adding reclamation projects) and St. Louis (a team that is currently stuck in rebuild mode) may have space for a guy with Owens skills but is he really worth the headache and the potential setback he could hand their respective quarterbacks?

Sam Bradford will be a rookie in 2010 and he will have his hands full attempting to build chemistry with his new teammates.

Furthermore, he will face hiccups along the way as he deals with running a new offensive system in a league where the defenses can, and often have, eaten newbies like him for breakfast—do you really want to add in the catastrophe that can be “T.O.”?

After all, Owens is no longer the game-changer he once was and to throw a young, inexperienced, and ill-equipped Sam Bradford into a situation where he is forced to contend with the personality that is “T.O.”, in his rookie season, seems like a lot to ask because despite what anyone might say about Terrell Owens, he is not a team player.

As for the Bengals, Carson Palmer seems to be back on track and he already has a couple of receivers on the Bengals roster who make him a happy man when airing out the football—one of them is named Ochocinco (AKA, Chad Johnson).

Can Johnson and Owens truly exist on the same football field without one or the other caving in to prima-donna behavior?

In my opinion, the only place that Owens truly belongs, at this point, is on the unemployment line. He’s just too negative a personality for any team to handle.

Is he talented? Yes, without question.

Does he have the ability to make a team better? Maybe. Maybe not.

Is he worth the trouble anymore?  Not really.

If either of these franchises are smart, they will do what every other team this offseason has done where Owens is concerned—pass.

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