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I am not a 'journalist' by trade, nor do I present myself as such. I am just a wife, mother, and Georgia Bulldog fan who likes to write about two of her favorite things: the Georgia Bulldogs and college football. I write. You's a give and take experience.

Georgia Football: The Verdict is Still Out on the Brian Schottenheimer Hire


The saying where I come from goes as follows: if you can’t say something nice, then don’t say nothing (or is it anything?) at all. Whatever. The point is, I am not sure what to think of the hire of Brian…

Georgia Recruiting: 2015 OT Sage Hardin is Taking a Wait and See Approach


2015 OL Commit Sage Hardin (Atlanta, GA) is willing to wait and see who the Georgia Bulldogs fill their vacant coaching positions with before he considers rethinking his commitment. …I trust Georgia to make the right hire but I’d probably start…

NFL: Matthew Stafford Was Not Impressed With “Unbelievable” Play Calling


It’s the play, and the story, that just won’t die. The Dallas Cowboys won their game against the Detroit Lions Sunday on a call, or no-call, that should have or could have gone either way—depending on who you talk to…

NFL Draft 2015: Nick Marshall Won’t Be Picky About The Next Position He Plays


Now that his chapter as a college football player has officially closed, former Auburn QB Nick Marshall is looking to get into the NFL any way he can, even if it’s not at the position that brought him so much…