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Georgia Football: Mike Ekeler, “Set em’ up. Beat em’ with speed…” [VIDEO]

Nothing really needs to be said here that hasn’t been hinted at or outright said already: these boys weren’t playing up to their talent level last year. Period. Pruitt hopes to change that mentality by inserting something that was apparently missing last year…expectation.

Love the video. Love how it says so much with so little. Don’t you?

And Kosta—a guy who wasn’t even a key part of the defense last year—even he could sense the mediocrity. If he could feel it, and ingest the message of “nothing really matters”, then how do you think the rest of the guys felt.

Furthermore, it was nice to hear linebackers coach Mike Ekeler state things in such a matter-of-fact way. He made it very clear that whatever was done here last season wasn’t good enough and he aims to make it better, just like the rest of the guys he was hired alongside.

Anyway, saw it and wanted to share my thoughts.