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I am not a 'journalist' by trade, nor do I present myself as such. I am just a wife, mother, and Georgia Bulldog fan who likes to write about two of her favorite things: the Georgia Bulldogs and college football. I write. You's a give and take experience.

Georgia Recruiting: 2016 WR Kyle Davis is Keeping it Undercover


Take a look at the following interview, conducted by by UGA Sport’s Jake Reuse, with 2016 wide receiver Kyle Davis (Lawrenceville, GA), then read a few of my thoughts after the jump: (h/t Jake Reuse) So, it’s pretty obvious that…

Georgia Recruiting: Julian Rochester, “Anything can happen…”


Five-star defensive tackle prospect Julian Rochester (Powder Springs, GA) has held the Georgia Bulldogs in high-esteem for quite some time now. Their honesty and overall transparency with him have always impressed and, as he gets closer to making a decision…

Georgia Recruiting: Michail Carter, “I’d be a great fit…at Georgia”


The Georgia Bulldogs have certainly made sure to touch base with all of the top prospects in the state of Georgia this recruiting season and, as far as the defensive line goes, they are certainly taking advantage of a plethora…

College Football: She Hopes to Become the First Girl to Play College Football—as a Linebacker


I read an article this morning and, while I know I tend to focus on Georgia Football, I felt the need to speak on this—as both a woman and a mother—but I want you all to look at the following…