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I am not a 'journalist' by trade, nor do I present myself as such. I am just a wife, mother, and Georgia Bulldog fan who likes to write about two of her favorite things: the Georgia Bulldogs and college football. I write. You's a give and take experience.

Georgia Recruiting: 2015 Josh Sweat, “…I think that visit helped Georgia”


If you’re looking for Josh Sweat (Chesapeake, VA) to give you any hints as to where he’ll be playing come 2015, good luck because he ain’t saying much; but one thing is clear, after his visit to Georgia this past…

Georgia Football: Jeremy Pruitt on an IPF, “…how important is football at Georgia?”


I’m not gonna add one lick of commentary beyond the following because, honestly, Jeremy Pruitt does all the talking that needs to be done. After Tuesday’s practice—inside a “cramped” indoor facility—Pruitt made it a point to talk to the reporters…

Georgia Recruiting: 2015 OL Pat Allen, “There wasn’t anything I didn’t like”


The Georgia Bulldogs already have held a commitment from Pat Allen (Reisterstown, MD) since early August, but that hasn’t stopped him from looking around and checking out all of his options; which means the Bulldogs are still keeping close tabs…

Georgia Football: Chris Conley is a Finalist for NCAA’s “Senior CLASS Award”


If you’re a Georgia Bulldog fan, you know all about the character and class of wide receiver Chris Conley. From his faith to the classroom, he’s a model citizen and embodies the very thing Bulldog fans mean when they use…